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Mary Ellen Derwis

  • @mederwis

Being a practitioner of the healing arts for over 40 years I wear many hats. I am a licensed Massage Therapist, certified hypnotherapist, Reiki master and Chi Nei Tsang Senior Teacher for Grand master Mantak Chia and the Universal Healing Tao System in Thailand. I began my journey at a very young age but had no clue what these mysterious events that occurred were. Now I know. Now I teach. Now we can explore your personal journey together. So here is what I actually do.

1) Mah Jongg card oracle readings as well as major arcana soul path readings, I ching and astrological card oracle. I offer several for you to choose from and we work from there.

2) Each reading begins with an analysis of the numerology of the day of the reading, the planets asteroids and constellation influencing our reading and then we tune ourselves with my set of tuning forks that vibrate with the orbit of each planet as it relates to you and your query.

On a more personal note:

1) Private Reiki Healing Attunement sessions (old school Usui) via phone. We choose a time, you pay via paypal, and we connect with our phones and there we are. Very powerful stuff.

2) Zhong Gong and Chilin Gong Healing Session via phone. Same thing as above. its all about connecting.

3) Past Life Regressions or Spirit Releasement more in order? We will schedule as above. We chat for a few minutes to determine what it is you need and then we go there. (PLT is to explore your past. SRT is to identify and release beings and thought patterns that hamper your personal growth.)

Once we can meet one on one:

(All of the above therapies)

1) As well as Chi Nei Tsang applied qigong (abdominal detox of emotions and organ systems to promote wellness and healing) We work with the meridian system and the 5 elemental forces of nature to clear and cleanse.

2) Cranial Sacral work including oral work and Somato Emotional Release. I am a certified practitioner.

I charge in 15 minute increments $25/15 minutes no matter what treatment or reading you choose.

Painting is also another gift I have been given. You can choose from my collection or we can talk about creating something that is truly you. We need to chat about that. Please look at my 'Angel Picture' in the picture section.

Whew, I think that is all for now. And please, do not forget to check out the other vendors at this event!


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