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La Fete Xpressions

My name is Nicole Guess and I am the CEO of La Fete Xpressions. We specialize in taking your thoughts and ideas and making a transformation right before your eyes. I have been in this business for over 20 years and simply love what I do.

SOL with Endi

22, human sunshine and entrepreneur. I love to help others smile.

Pure Romance by Chanda "Charli" Glass

I'm Chanda "Charli" Glass a Consultant with Pure Romance. I enjoy educating, empowering, and entertaining people that Sexual Health & Wellness is not a Dirty Word. Keeping married people married. Single people, partners, and those exploring their gender and sexuality safe.

Carousel Moms

Daphne Soares is the Founder of Carousel Moms. She is a Business and Relationships Coach. A mother of two. She has gone from a career woman with a 9 - 5 job to a homemaker, a coordinator, a master catechist, volunteer, and counsellor. She is a certified master catechist, family, trauma, and teens Counsellor, a Business and Relationships coach and a member of the ICG. She has vast knowledge and experience. While juggling her own business - Carousel Moms, she continues her ongoing counselling and coaching education.

She helps moms find the right balance in their own carousels of life, create a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed. Set SMART goals and build great rapport with their teams and clients for business success.

Build lasting relationships with their partner so that they can better understand each other, support, trust, communicate and live a happy life together. She says having a good relationship, healthy mindset, overcoming limiting beliefs and setting boundaries helps you be more productive, happy, and successful as a mompreneur.

AHA (Amazing Hibiscus Awakenings)

I am the wife of a boxing fanatic, mother of 6, a medical biller, Reiki practitioner, and a Life Coach. I have been a mentor/coach for the last 25+ years. I love helping people and seeing the light come on in someone's eyes. I am my client's Ace of Spades, accountability partner, cheer leader and friend all round up into one. My job is to help make my client's journey a bit easier.

Embracing Life's Beauty with Mary

I am a single mother to a college aged son, retired USAF, avid baseball fan (GO NATS!!), defense contractor, and Mary Kay Independent Consultant. I originally began my business to support my baseball obsession; I wanted to go to more games at NATS Park. I love meeting new women (and men, and teens) and helping them find a skincare regimen and/or cosmetics just for them.

Lifetime Wellness Associates

I'm a wife of a radio announcer, mother of two in their 20's, teacher and college professor, and for 19 yrs. a home career entrepreneur. I was introduced to Nikken products when I was trying to “have it all” as a working mom dealing with multiple physical issues by taking prescriptions and OTC medications, and living with the adverse side effects. Nikken's natural energy technologies changed our lives and improved our health and we began to enjoy a balanced family life again.
We enjoyed the new tax benefits we gained from having a home business, as well as the improved health of our family. But Nikken had something that was missing from the typical corporate business environment. It was an atmosphere of collaboration, of helping one another, of having balance in one's life and a way to add meaning to the lives of others – HUMANS BEING MORE - without any expectation of return. What a way to live!

Meet Me On My Mat

Angela is a former special education teacher turned Certified Yoga Teacher. She has over 500 hours of training with additional certificates in Restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra practices. She utilizes personal experience and training in Yoga of 12 Step (Y12SR) Leadership, Trauma Recovery Yoga (TRY) methods, and Accessible Yoga to share trauma informed, adaptable practice and build community with people around the world.