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A little about me:

I have been managing veterinary practices for over 20 years. I have a love for Golden Retrievers and Quarter Horses. I am the girl that had never in her life gotten a manicure and still loves to play in the dirt. Us barn girls have chores to do and we always have dirt under our fingernails. Why would we pay for a manicure? I have asked myself & others that question for years, until Color Street. I can handle paying $12 for something I can do quickly and easily at home. Especially when it is gorgeous and lasts. Color Street for me is about community and opportunity. I have built relationships because of this product and this company and for that I am grateful. I enjoy helping someone get their nails looking just right as much as I do coaching someone through starting their very own Color Street business. This is not work to me. It is an opportunity to help motivate & empower others through my works, teaching, actions, experience, & faith.

Barn Girl Manicure

Carmen Musick


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A little about my business:

Experience the fun and glamour of an endless array of nail styles, in stunning shades. With exclusive nail art designs, glitters, solids, and even French manicures, we have the most brilliant nail collections ever for whatever the mood or occasion—from fun to formal, elegant to edgy.

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