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A little about me:

I'm a wife of a radio announcer, mother of two in their 20's, teacher and college professor, and for 19 yrs. a home career entrepreneur. I was introduced to Nikken products when I was trying to “have it all” as a working mom dealing with multiple physical issues by taking prescriptions and OTC medications, and living with the adverse side effects. Nikken's natural energy technologies changed our lives and improved our health and we began to enjoy a balanced family life again.
We enjoyed the new tax benefits we gained from having a home business, as well as the improved health of our family. But Nikken had something that was missing from the typical corporate business environment. It was an atmosphere of collaboration, of helping one another, of having balance in one's life and a way to add meaning to the lives of others – HUMANS BEING MORE - without any expectation of return. What a way to live!

Lifetime Wellness Associates

Mary Bowser


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A little about my business:

Natural energies bring balance to your body, mind, family, community, and finances. We make a difference in people's lives every day! Join to be an Influencer!

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