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Huntington Learning Center is a pioneer in supplemental education. Since 1977, we have been focused on one goal - ensuring that every student gets the best education possible. With our 43 years of experience, we also know that means something different for every student and family. With this in mind, we begin our programs by conducting an Academic Evaluation to really pinpoint a student's strengths as well as their areas of opportunity for growth. We use the results to design a customized program for each individual student. 


Our students work in either a 1:1 or 4:1 setting with their teachers to improve in the areas that they need most. All of our teachers have obtained a college degree and are either state-certified or Huntington certified teachers as well! We work with students from PreK through adult learners in all subject areas - phonics, comprehension, vocabulary, math, writing, study skills, SAT/ACT prep, ASVAB prep or subject tutoring in any subject area. 


In 2020 we expanded our programs to include a virtual learning option for all of our programs for families that are unable to have their student attend the center in person. In addition, we have been doing free weekly webinars for parents and students that cover a variety of topics pertinent to this day and age. We also recently launched a Study Hall program where students are able to bring their own resources to the center and conduct their virtual learning in a structured setting with access to our certified teachers throughout the day.


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