TechTime Gaming Lounge

(571) 206-1400


Tech Time Gaming was founded in 2017 by Steve Theobald, a guy who grew up playing Atari in the 80s but who remains a big kid at heart.  We created a sleek, modern, clean and welcoming space that caters to casual and serious gamers alike.  Our staff includes friendly and knowledgeable gaming enthusiasts.


We partnered with E-Blue, a leading Hong Kong-based maker of gaming gear and owner of LAN centers to bring you a state of the art environment for esports.

What We've Got

Our center features:


  • 60 gaming PCs with i5/1070 and i7/1080 setups

  • 27" and 32" 144 Hz and 1ms monitors

  • 1GB dedicated fiber internet connection

  • 9 gaming consoles (Xbox/PS4/Switch)

  • 11'x22' party room for events and tournament viewing

  • Complimentary wifi

  • Snacks and soft drinks for sale