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09:30am - What is Coaching and how can it help me in my Life and Business?
10:30am - Is Business right for me now?
11:30am - BREAK
12:00pm - Overcoming obstacles in your Life and Business
01:00pm - Do I need a Business, Leadership and Mindset Coach? Q & A Session
02:00pm - What do I want for My Family, My Business and My Future?


Carousel Moms Business and Leadership Coaching

Daphne Soares

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Welcome to Carousel Moms - Business and Leadership Coaching.

Daphne Soares is the Founder of Carousel Moms. She has been ranked among the Top 10 Female Coaches in 2021 by Yahoo Finance. She believes that being a Mom is one of the most important rolls out there. It does not mean that as mom you must give up everything and be confined to the house, cooking, cleaning, teaching and looking after the kids only. With all this you can still live your dreams and be an inspiration for your kids and family.

Daphne is a mother of 2 beautiful kids. She has gone from a career woman with a 9-5 job to a Homemaker, Coordinator, Master Catechist, Volunteer, Counsellor and Psychotherapist. She is a certified Masters Catechist in Catechesis, Youth Ministry, Differently Challenged People with Distinction from the Dayton University Ohio, USA and AVOSA UAE. A Post Diploma holder in Family, Women's Wellbeing, CBT, RBT, NLP, Body Language, Dreams Analysis, Graphology, Positive Psychology, Enneagram, Trauma and Teens Counselling, Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy from Anugraha Institute of Counselling, Psychotherapy and Research and a Meta Dynamics, Business and Leadership Coach from Australia and UAE. She is also a member of the ICG.

She has vast knowledge and experience. While juggling her own business Carousel Moms, she continues caring for her family, serving the community and her ongoing Counselling, Psychotherapy and Coaching education.

She empowers Moms to find the right balance in their own carousels of life, create a thriving business without feeling overwhelmed. Set SMART goals and build great rapport with their teams and clients for business success. Live a happy and balanced life, overcome limiting beliefs, set healthy boundaries and success strategies.

Daphne says:

"The Power is Within you! Break FREE from what is holding you back"