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Create a SpaLike Experience at Home

I help women 30+ that are struggling with the changes in their skin to find a skincare regimen to defy the signs of aging, reduce wrinkles, and reawaken youthful vitality.

I am a single mother to a college aged son, retired USAF, avid baseball fan (GO NATS!!), defense contractor, and Mary Kay Independent Consultant. I originally began my business to support my baseball obsession; I wanted to go to more games at NATS Park. I love meeting new women (and men, and teens) and helping them find a skincare regimen and/or cosmetics just for them.

Empowering women to feel their best, look their best, and (if they want) create a business of their own. I've built my business on relationships! I want to get to know you, for you to know me, and....even if we never do business together, maybe we become friends.

Download the Mary Kay Skin Analyzer app (free), email the results to me at, receive your recommended skincare regimen in samples to try before buying the full size products.